Competition sketch

Our contribution to the competition challenge on How to accommodate the equipment of the Prague National Gallery's Art Education Centre in the KORZO of the Trade Fair Palace.

The primary inspiration for our design evolves from the contemporary aesthetics of functionalist furniture using 'revolutionary' pipe constructions together with Corbusiér's idea of modules, repetition and component composition. Acoustics with long reverberation is perceived as one of the major issues for the educational centre. We have regulated this problem with a suspended mixture of damping elements, hanging permanently in the column axis, capable of partial absorption of the acoustic energy. Their sandwich parts consist of lowerable surfaces, such as projection screens, space dividing panels, etc. Multi-purpose benches made of recycled PUR foam contribute to the mellowing of the acoustics. Programs for children benefit from triple height tables and chairs. To comply with the assignment, we have produced a 'sketch' of the centre's desired atmosphere, as well as a 'sketch' of selected solution details, such as mobile storage trolleys with built-in sinks, stackable plexiglass tables, or mobile multi-purpose panels.