Home Office

The clients contacted us while still living in Barcelona. They were planning to move to Prague and renovate an old two-bedroom apartment with a corner kitchen and a loggia - the traditional layout of tens of thousands of other families living in prefabricated tower blocks. Our answer to their individual ideas of living and working from home was a minor modification of the layout to prevent the rooms from looking crammed and to allow the synergies of the individual apertures to show off their size. With a soft irony, the steel details finished in industrial blue refer to the idea of a machine for living hidden behind a contemporary standardised building design. The apartment is gently intertwined with them from hooks, through the library, dumb servants in the bedroom, toilet roll holder, to the heating in the bathroom. The only room industrially 'untouched' is paradoxically the office as a reminder of the transformation of 'us the workers'. Fulfilling the initial idea of having a contact with nature has been the greatest urban value of a construction of this type. Hence emphasising the living space of both loggias and clear views of the tree tops. At dusk, the interior's light tones can be changed using on-line-controlled light sources with a full range of colours, capable of creating any desired atmosphere.  Practical details, such as a heated mirror in the bathroom which does not steam up, a small hinged dressing table with a mirror, a lid on the teak worktop in the bathroom hiding dirty washing, a desk for stand-up programming and a litter 'hole' in the office, a niche for a clothes dryer and an ironing board or a frost-proof tap in the loggia, add to the daily pleasures.

Photo Studio Flusser