House with wide-spread foundations

Since the antiquity times, the classic typology of the house, which at the abutment starts with a plinth, is repeated in the architecture, continuing with some sort of body, which culminates with a ledge or continues with a gable. The mass technology of family houses construction, "conceived as paper boxes for technology", evens out this hierarchy. At the same time the houses are bereaved of the charm of going into nature, settling on the land so that it is worth noting. This time we wanted to design a house with wide-spread foundations, spread across the land in a single floor, delightfully exposed to the sun like a lazy cat. Simple volume, a nice standard, but still a little extra archetypal dignity. Even though the house is connected to the garden with countless passage windows, we strongly honor them, framing the intimate inner world by dragging the plinth up to the edge through the facade, where we are hiding modern security technologies, shading, garden lights, etc. The generous classics illustrate the slender columns, terraces and parking under slight shadow. / Study