Town square in Dobříš

Dobříš square is a large area in the middle of the city, the center being just one big crossroad. It is held together as a square mainly through memory. Externally centrifugal forces stretch it into long lines through their surroundings. Today’s center is steadily disintegrating into its imperceptible margins. In our design we stop the disintegration by setting borders. We define them by four crossroads, through which lead paths to the city center. Among them Mirove square keeps its shape. It creates spaces for the individual story of a firmly surrounded city center dressed in a festive, brick-red robe with white cherry blossoms in the hair.

Competition for solutions to Mirove Square in Dobříš.

Collaboration with Lenka Křemenová (first phase) and David Maštálka (second phase), consultation with Václav Malina and Eva Vízková.

Second prize.