Studio No Architects

We focus on all areas of architectural and urban design across all design stages – from architectural sketches to the completion of a project including its supervision by author.

We are interested in looking for authentic answer to our clients needs. Our work is characterized by interdisciplinary cooperation and the search for unique solutions.

We expect a reflection of our inputs in the dialogue with our clients. Above all, however, we expect trust, without which no meaningful results can be achieved. You are invited to join us in this adventure.

Architecture is a challenge.

Call us or send an email. We are each time preparing an individual price offer based on clients needs.

MgA. Jakub Filip Novák
* 1980 Prague

Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, Architectural studio I

Mgr., MgA. Daniela Baráčková
* 1981 Černá Hora

Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of Intermedial confronting

Bc. Martin Hlusička
* 1993 Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture

Ing. arch. Barbora Babincová
* 1991 Nové Zámky

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture

MgA. Jakub Filip Novák
* 1980 Prague

Graduate of Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, Architectural studio I

Professional services:

  • co-author of Prague Metropolitan plan
  • co-author of Prague Building Regulations
  • Represented the city of Prague in discussions about amendment to the Building Act 2016
  • Participating in transformation of Prague Institute of Planning and Development and representing Prague in land use administrative proceedings
  • Urbanism inventory - The conference program board, co-organized
  • A methodological proposition to the spatial planning of the capital city of Prague 2009, collaboration with the creative team
  • A methodological proposition for the Metropolitan 2012 plan, collaboration with the creative team
  • Versus architect o.s. – co-founder, organization of lectures
  • Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Member of the editorial board of the magazine ERA 21
  • Former co-founder of A1Architects studio (2006-2009)
  • Publishing, consulting and lecturing

2010: Local plan of Hradec Králové, special award, collaboration with Roman Koucký architectural office
2009: Exposition Pavel Janák at House of Art Brno - fist place, collaboration: Lenka Křemenová, Marta and David Maštálka
2008: Neighbourhood, diploma work - Special award of Czech chamber of architects
2007: Mírové square in Dobříš - second prize, collaboration: 1. a 2. round Lenka Křemenová, 2. round David Maštálka, Václav Malina, Eva Vízková
2006: Shopping center Liberec Plaza - special award for unconventional architecture, colaboration: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka

Mgr., MgA. Daniela Baráčková
* 1981 Černá Hora

Graduate of Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of Intermedial confronting

Graduate of Masarykova´s univerzity in Brno, College of Education, Artistic Education – Visual Arts

Internship in Academy of Fine Arts in Prague,
The school of Painting II

Internship in Willem de Kooning Academy, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Fine Art

Solo exhibitions – selection:

2016: Full room and 62 kilograms moreover (collaboration with T. Severová), Karlin Studios, Prague
2016: Dangerous little railing, Strom Art Gallery, Brno
2015: The evil spirit began to smoke through the wall, Entrance Gallery, Prague
2014: The Fear of Chain Saw, Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice
2014: Pičus, 207 Gallery, Prague
2013: Death, Czech smallness and Conterporary museums, Jindrich Chalupecky Award Final, National Gallery, Prague
2012: Black Hill (collaboration with P. Herotová), Blansko Gallery, Blansko
2012: Last Space for a Man - curator´s project (collaboration with P. Gajdošíková, P. Herotová), Karlin Studios, Prague
2010: Na ulici 74, Jelení Gallery, Prague
2010: Church! (collaboration with Veronika Vlková), Pavilon Gallery, Prague
2010: Pome Žilina (collaboration with Petra Herotová), Stanica Gallery, Žilina (SK)
2009: I´m afraid of castle guard, Sýpka Gallery, Valašské Meziříčí
2009: Černá Hora, Young Artist´s Gallery, Brno
2008: 400 g flour,... (collaboration with Petra Herotová), Šternberk Gallery, Šternberk
2008: To create a swing from a tire with a rock devil, Karlin Studios, Prague
2007: I wanted to paint 40 Jews praying before the flight departure, NoD Gallery, Prague

Group exhibitions – selection:

2015: OFF – Biennale Budapest, Budapest (H)
2014: The Circular Ruins, French Institute, Prague
2014: Recursion 1.618, The Regional Art Gallery in Liberec, Liberec
2012: The Beginning of the Century in Public Space, The Square of the Republic, Plzeň
2011: …To perceive in the darkness of the present…, Prague Biennale 5, Prague
2011: How to Begin from the Beginning (Fail Again, Fail Better), Futura Gallery, Prague
2010: Z(I)LIN(A) Space, Gallery of Art in Zlín, Zlín
2010: Gaspard of the Night, Futura Gallery, Prague
2009: Place and Formula, Gask Artfest, Kutná Hora
2009: V. Young Artist´s salon, House of Arts, Zlín
2008: Rec Mode 01, Gallery Valentina Moncada, Rome (I)
2008: Prize of Art Critics 2008 for Expanded Painting, Gallery of Critics, Prague
2007: Punctum, Futura Gallery, Prague
2007: Invisible things, Trafo Gallery, Budapest (H)
2007: Glocal outsiders, Prague Biennale 3, Prague
2007: HDP 2, M'ARS Gallery, Moscow (RUS)
2007: Videomix. Caleidoscop, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (E)
2006: Věcné stavy, Karlin Studios, Prague
2006: Girls, Café Prague – Umělec London, London (GB)
2006: 1st Petersburg Biennale, Aart Club Platforma, Petersburg (RUS)